The I Ching Basics:   8 Trigrams    

  • Trigram 1<br>== QIAN ==<br>Heaven,<br>Sky,<br>Vigorous,<br>Firm
  • Trigram 2<br>== DUI ==<br>Lake,<br>Marsh,<br>Joyful,<br>Damaged
  • Trigram 3<br>== LI ==<br>Fire,<br>Sun,<br>Clever,<br>Attached
  • Trigram 4<br>== ZHEN ==<br>Thunder,<br>Electricity,<br>Arousing,<br>Action
  • Trigram 5<br>== XUN ==<br>Wind,<br>Plants,<br>Gentle,<br>Decree
  • Trigram 6<br>== KAN ==<br>Water,<br>River,<br>Danger,<br>Mire
  • Trigram 7<br>== GEN ==<br>Mountain,<br>Cloud,<br>Stoppage,<br>Obstructed
  • Trigram 8<br>== KUN ==<br>Earth,<br>Soil,<br>Receptive,<br>Soft

Diagram—the easy way to
learn 'I Ching divination'

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( Mouseover above symbols to get the indications of each Trigram )    

Best Way for Divination — Connecting to Internet
—As the worldwide connection, internet makes your divination
more broadly influenced and interacted

Collect a Random Number

Take a minute, sincerely focus on the question that you wish to solve...

Bearing your question in mind, pick any Random Number you come across at that moment. In particular go to the forums, BBS or other websites that you visit often. Use the fresh Online Visitors Number to trigger your divination.  

— As shown above sample, take the number 317 to trigger your divination

— Internet connecting to the world through ground, air, water, metal, people etc. accords with the rules of I Ching which is nature based;
— Web users come and go rapidly, you catch that exact moment to get the random number which is most effective.


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