—What is the I Ching?
                      —What is this book all about?

The I Ching, also called Book of Changes, is the most comprehensive and oldest oracle originated in ancient China. The I Ching (consists of 64 Hexagrams) signifies all situations and behaviors relating to nature and humans. The I Ching system is the integration of cosmology, philosophy, mathematics, symbolism and divination. It stresses the point of balance of opposites; indicates the changeable and the unchangeable which is that things change inevitably as times and conditions change while the laws of nature never change.

Binary Number, the modern computer language, was invented by Gottfried Leibniz in 1679. Leibniz was deeply inspired by the I Ching. He recognized and wrote that his original concept of Binary System (using only the digit 0 and 1 throughout the computation) was corresponded to the I Chingís Trigram (binary number from 000 to 111) thus the Hexagrams (Gua). Yin (0) and Yang (1) are the basic binary configuration of the I Ching symbols. Furthermore, DNA (the hereditary material of all life) Genetic Code, which consists of 64-Triplet of nucleotides, is exactly analogous to the 64-Triplet System of the I Ching. Isnít that miraculous? Besides the above stated values, the philosophical and symbolic structures of the I Ching are also infinitely valued.

The I Ching originally contains a system of divination. However the Numerology of I Ching, which was derived thousands of years later, significantly enriches the I Ching divinatory methods. It adds values of numeric, time, symbolism and the Five Elements (mutual generation and restriction between Metal, Fire, Water, Wood and Earth) to the original I Ching divination system, makes it simple to learn; swift to be used and miraculous the results. This book will focus on introducing this numerological way of divination.

In order to allow beginners to straightforwardly understand this numerology in a short time, this book employs plenty of graphical images and charts to make it easy and simple to learn. All steps of divination are presented as visualized as possible. As a I Ching beginner or a lover, you will enjoy the great fun of using the Numerology of I Ching in life, in problem-solving or decision-making.

— David Huang    

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